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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Williams to The Grand Canyon

Hi all,
 Time to catch up a bit. We have been spending a few days in Williams, AZ  as we wait for our reserved dates at the Grand Canyon.
 Williams is about 60 mi. south of the Grand Canyon and they run train rides back and forth daily. It is also the last town on Rte. 66 that was bypassed by I40. The main street on old Rt 66 has a bunch of stores selling memorabilia and also features some old diner restaurants.
 With not much in town to do, so we made a random drive in the country. We made a big loop around the San Francisco Peaks to Flagstaff and back. The San Fran Peaks are the tallest in AZ at 12633 and still showed some snow even with the lower than normal amounts.
  It was a nice sunny 60 degree day and we found a little pull off that had a 1-1/2 mile  hike. It was a nice hike through some ponderosa pines and along a open field.
 Just across from the hike we passed a unique rustic church. The Chapel of the Holy Dove an A-frame structure that at the entry end was probably 7 feet then went to over 20 feet at the other end. There was no electricity and had only stones for the floor. The back wall was large glass windows with a beautiful mountain view.

  I don't think they hold regular services there but they did have a sign up sheet for weddings. Sadly the place was covered with graffiti, although much of it prayers for such-n such I don't think they ever tried to stop.
                                          So on to The Grand Canyon.
 We made reservations at Grand Canyon Trailer Village, to be here from Mar.31 to Apr.5. It is right in the park with shuttles just a short walk away.
 Some roads you can't drive. They encourage you to take the free shuttle buses. They run from early morning in case you want to see a sunrise to 30 min after sunset. and they run about every 15 minutes so waiting is minimal.
 They are predicting some cold weather with highs in 40's and lows into the teens, I know how bad you all feel for us but we will do our best to brave it out.)
 Today we did the Hermits Rest route. We took two shuttles to the end then picked out a hiking trail along the rim for 3 miles.
  I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

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  1. I just love the Grand Canyon. George hasn't seen it yet, but we will spend some time there at some point!