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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Checking in at Custer

Hi all,
 Had a slight change of plans, our scheduled arrival to Custer was May, 8. As we looked at the weather forecast which was crummy we got the ok and pulled in on Monday. Turns out a good move as we came in and set up in good weather and got cold and 4" of snow today.
  The campground we are in at Custer State Park (Stockade North) will not be open until May 16th. This gives us a nice chance to settle in and bum around some. We also have not been near a good grocer so a good restocking of supplies was in order.
 We have already drove the wildlife loop twice to see the baby buffalo. The first time we saw quite a few buffalo but only saw one red dog (baby). After stopping by the office today we heard they were up a dirt road in the tree lines. So off we went on sloppy roads and guess what - we saw none. Figures, you just can't rely on these critters to play fair. Oh well, will have to try again.
 We did see some mountain goats, lots of deer and antelope and no they were not playing,)
 There has been quite a bit of tree damage this past winter. We saw many areas of fresh logging and lots of brush piles.
 I had posted that I was doing some wood carving so this is a pic of some of my work so far. Not bad only cut myself once.) and no I'm not taking orders yet.)


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  1. Looks like a great site in a great area to be in. You're doing great at your wood carving! I had to look twice at santa, thought it was a ketchup bottle at first :)