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Thursday, May 1, 2014

One week to go!

Hi all,
We are at Glendo, WY a short 120 miles to Custer SP our summer gig. We are actually getting excited to get there and meet up with old friends.
 The last few days have found us in cold 40 degree weather and windy conditions. Not crazy windy to not be driving but enough to knock the mph's average down some.
 As we are mostly in transit mode I will post some of Wendy's pics and just ramble a little.)
 Seems a little black cloud has been over me the past few days. In Rifle I was getting in to the truck a super high wind blew through, bad enough that it took my hat off from behind. After chasing my hat I fought my way back to the truck. Later I started hearing a pop noise from the truck door. Seems that wind knocked the door out of alignment- I better get that fixed.
 Next we were set up in Rawlins WY for a one night stay when Wendy said she heard some noise from below. Uh oh- water was running from somewhere??? Turns out for some reason the toilet water had continued to run and overflowed the bowl. Luckily the water found a decent drain exit and didn't flood us out.
 As we got to the campground today I noticed something hanging under the side of the truck. Turns out a mudshield that is put between step rails and the truck. It has a metal clip that was totally rusted so this will require a new one and looking at the other side I better get two.
 Also had my good watts water regulator split on the connector, along with needing to get a new water pump and put that in. Kinda reminds me of the days of owning the old stix n brix. Its always something.
  Ok now you can put your violins and handkerchiefs down now.)


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  1. Oh I can tell you of a toilet bowl overflow. Got up to do my business in the middle of the night, didn't flush completely, so TP got stuck in the flap, so water continued to run slowly from about 1 am. Woke up a couple hours later and put my foot on the floor to wet carpet. Of course all this was at a park where we had no sewer hookups and the water filled the black tank. Needless to say George wasn't happy with me, and now I don't flush in the middle of the night..lol..