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Sunday, May 4, 2014

History lesson day

Howdy y'all,
 Well Wyoming is cowboy country.) Glendo WY is on the east side of the state about 1/3 up from the south border. It is nestled along the Platte River. We are camped at Glendo Lakeside RV Campground, just outside Glendo State Park. It is a nice clean private park (not passport) and the owners were friendly.
 We took a drive through the state park. It is along the Glendo Reservoir a huge body of water. Some of shoreline is very picturesque with colored sandstone. The lake is a popular walleye fishing spot, darn no license- maybe next time.
 Saturday we took a short drive south to Fort Laramie. Fort Laramie played a integral role to the early settlers as three major trails to the west passed this area, The Oregon Trail, the California Trail, and the Mormon Trail. It also hosted several important treaty negotiations.
 We began at the visitor center where we watched a short video on the history of the fort. Then looked through a small display, and Wendy was happy getting five new stamps in her national passport book.
 Then outside where they have about 20 structures in various condition. Some were merely footings, but 11 were very well done restorations complete with furnishings. The fort covers a lot of acres and we sure got a good walk in. It is a nice area that looks to get little attention due to the out of the way location.  Our grandson Alex said once while we were in Cades Cove you can just smell the history.
 Also a couple things that one must see while in the area are the Oregon trail ruts. Ruts from the wagons that run up to five feet deep in sandstone.
 Register Cliff is also a neat site where many early travelers would etch there names in the soft rock. Many are still quite visible today with dates as early as 1839.
  We also checked out Guernsey State Park, a huge park with some neat CCC built structures. A long drive up a narrow winding road takes you to a good view, I had to lock the doors to keep Wendy from jumping out. She sure don't like living on the edge.)
 Along the route we stopped by a old iron bridge crossing the North Platte River. The triple span bridge was built in 1875 and the best preserved in existence. It was used up until 1958.

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  1. I just love American History. Will be a great place to explore someday.