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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ready to roll

Hi all,
We have been getting settled in here in Custer State Park and are anxious to get the season rolling.
We have some minor training to do and our campground opens Friday. One new thing is having Ipads and Internet access in all the campgrounds. This will allow live access to the reservation system and should help resolve conflicts as they arise.
 The other day was treat day where we get uniforms and meet & greet others and oh did I mention mega homemade treats. I kidded them that it was for my birthday as it was the same day.
 It's the annual open house weekend where they have free park entrance and free fishing. They have quite a few other activities planned throughout the park all ending with the famous buffalo chip toss on Sunday.
 The weather is to be on a slight warming trend, nothing to write home about but any move up is welcomed.
 We are camped in the Stockade North Campground, this is located at the west entrance to the park. Last year we hosted at the Game Lodge campground on the east side. The change was mainly to be by Stockade Lake, a pretty lake with lots of bluegills, crappie, and bass. I guess I owe Wendy big.
 The campground has 42 sites all but 8 have electric. It is in ponderosa pines and has a nice playground area. Park naturalist also hold nightly programs in the outdoor amphitheater- weather permitting.
home sweet home

Our pretty red work truck- vintage 1995

spacious site with kids climbing rock

looking up past playground to amphitheater
 With a park this big (71,000 acres) there are good points and bad points as to where you're located. On the good side we are only four miles from Custer, on the bad side we have to drive 14 extra miles to head to Rapid City and the big stores. On a good side we have excellent internet and phone connection- last year we bought a booster and antenna at Game Lodge to get some service. The phone worked if you stood in the doorway. We also get some good tv channels where we only got PBS channels at Game Lodge. On the bad side we don't get buffalo at this area of the park, a cattle gate prohibits them from here. We have to drive to see them :(.

first birds at our feeder

that's all pfft

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