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Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Hi all,
Getting ready for the big Memorial Day Weekend. We received work schedules that may change slightly but it looks like Wendy will be off Mon. to Wed. and I am off Tues. & Wed. That should work out nicely.
  To better explain what we are doing this summer, Wendy has taken a campground attendant position. In that she will work 8 hour shifts cleaning restrooms, fire pits and filling in as a host when they have days off. This is a paid position and we worked with the Supervisor so she will only work four days.
 I will be a campground host and will be on duty from 5pm to 9 five days a week. Reasons for doing this was 1) money is always welcome. 2) A camp host gets a prime spot in campground. We also didn't figure we could both do pay positions with one vehicle as we would then be in a volunteer village area.
 As with most state campgrounds we will be full this weekend. The weather forecast is periods of rain and upper 60's. But it looks better Monday.)
 Many of the camp workers here have been putting up car ports to hopefully prevent hail damage and I jumped on board to. Last year I got dinged by hail and cost was over $200 and that with help from a good friend.
  I picked up the carport at Menards, bought a few tie downs, and Wendy and I put it up the other day. I tell Wendy we will budget it down under insurance.
 We have already had some nice interactions with some of the campers. It is nice hearing where they are off to and bits of their lives. We have also had to help through a few reservation issues also. One example was a WI. lady who knew she had reserved site 45 on the lake. Well we only have 42 sites and none on the lake. After getting out our laptop so she could check her email verification we found she was at a different park 30 miles away. Another group came in and set up on a site that was reserved. We have a big sign at the campground entrance and a small sign on each site post stating a reservation is required for all sites but some people just don't understand. On this one we had to call our leader so he could help out. Sorting through these can be difficult at times but as long as you keep your cool and do your best to help the customer out it can be a good experience. Such is the life of a camp host. Have a nice holiday.

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  1. Great idea to get a portable car port. Not sure it'll help with the golf ball sized hail though :) Great getting a paid gig!