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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back to the Mickelson

Hi again,
 Seems like I had just wrote a new post and wasn't the fourth of July just the other day. Weeks are going by fast, it won't be long til we are back in WI.
 We are looking forward to a visit from Pat and Sonny( Wendys sis and brother in law). They will be here for just a couple days so we will really have to plan the days out.
 The last two days have only been in the 60's but happily the forecasted rain never came. We decided a nice cool day would be good for a bike ride. So after a little thought we headed to the George S. Mickelson Trail. We did a little of this last year with grandson Lucas.
 The trail is a beauty, 104 miles from Edgemont to Deadwood on an old railroad bed. And no we didn't quite do the whole thing. We chose to start at the Mystic trailhead about 15 miles from Hill City and rode 8 miles to Rochford. Sixteen miles when we haven't been on the bikes in a while was a push. The good part was the return trip was mostly down hill.) Our buts should be fine in a day or two.)
 This part of the trail follows a trout steam with a couple small waterfalls. Also along the way you see old mines from years past. You also ride through one tunnel, what a great ride! We definitely have to ride more of this gem.

 After the ride we got a nice dinner at the Hubcap Diner in Hill City. We still made it back in time for a quick fish at the lake.
 Wendy has been getting more creative with her pine needle baskets. They sure look nice. Daughter Amanda teases her about selling them at a roadside stand.
And always time for ride in the park.

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  1. What a great bike trail! Wendy's talented on the pine needle baskets, maybe she could make a few bucks on Etsy!?