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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hi all,
The bikes are coming, the bikes are coming! Bike week has yet to begin, but some bikers like to get a early start. It is an awesome thing to see and hear as they come through the park. It may be a slightly down year as some bikers may opt to wait for next year on the 75th anniversary. Lets hope for a safe year.
 We had a great time this past weekend with Wendy's sister and brother in law. They arrived Saturday and after giving them time to stretch their legs we hopped in the car for a drive up Mt. Coolidge and a drive on the wildlife loop. A home cooked fish fry, a game of cards and a campfire rounded out the evening.
 Sunday was up and early, as Sonny and I wanted to get in a little Stockade Lake fishing. Sonny and I have been good fishing buddies for many years and is one of the things I miss since going fulltime rving. We had a great time catching a mixed bag of fish which were released for  another day. While we fished Wendy was giving Patsy a needle basket lesson.
 After fishing and brunch we headed off to see Mt. Rushmore via Iron Mountain Road.
 Next up was Crazy Horse, then a brat burger at camp and a new dice game with some good WI beer that the graciously provided.
 Mondays plans were a good breakfast then off to see Center and Sylvan Lakes via the Needles Highway. We made lots of stops taking in all the great views. At Sylvan we walked around the lake and did a bit of the Sunday Gulch Trail. A nice picnic lunch then off to Hill City for some serious wine tasting. We checked out three wineries and one new brewery and we don't even like wine.)
 A nice walk in Hill City checking out some shops and admiring some of the bikes that were already crowding the street. We grabbed a quick dinner then zoomed back to Custer State Park for one more ride looking for those buffalo. It is amazing how they can hide at some times.  We made a little loop the took us into Wind Cave National Park where we saw some of their herd.
 Tuesday was up early to see Patsy and Sonny off as they were making the 13 hour drive home in one stint.
 We really had a great time and thank them for taking the time to squeeze a visit in. It was also nice to take a couple days off our normal schedule  and change things up.
Patsy and Sonny at Bluebell Lodge bar

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