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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hail to Devils Tower

 Hi all,
Summer has arrived! Finally some nice warm days, we almost broke the 90 degree mark which for the hills is hot. We did get some crazy hail on the fourth. The sun was shining and you could see golf ball size hail falling from high in the sky. It was a very sporadic hail, with one falling here and one there . I heard stories of people catching it from the air. It also made quite a lake scene causing splashes a good foot high.
 Thankfully I had the truck under the tarp- very happy I made that investment. It did crack one vent cover on the rv. A few people in the park also lost vents or suffered some dents.(
  The fourth here was pretty quiet in the campground with many people off to see the big monuments light shows or off to Custer like us to see the fireworks there. I finished my shift at 9:00 just time in to drive for the show. They put on a nice 30 minute display.
 Our days off adventure had us heading off early for a trip to Devils Tower. We had talked about doing this and finally got around to doing it. The best route there(Hwy 16) was under some serious construction and added some time to the 100 mile trip.
  Earlier in our travels we had drove close enough to see it but didn't have the time for a actual visit. This time we took the mile walk around the base of the tower. Devils Tower was a very important part of Indian culture, and they still hold sacred ceremonies at times.
 We enjoyed it but did find it to crowded for our liking.
We then chose a different route home going through Belle Fourche then south through Deadwood. Along the way was a old antique store in the big town of Aladdin, WY. The store is about all there is in town and if you are interested it is for sale.)
Belle Fourche is the Center of the United States
 Wednesday we got together with some other park people for a nice fish fry. I provided the fish and Vern was gracious enough to cook em up. Each of the ladies provided sides and plenty was had by all. You just can't beat a pot luck dinner for great food.


  1. Wow, big hail! Good thing you didn't get major damage. We really liked Devil's tower too. Incredible place!

  2. You ARE going to buy the town, aren't you???? I don't think they want to sell it very bad.

  3. When we visited Devil's Tower we took the Red Beds Trail, it's the photo on my blog's header. No one else around, it was one of the nicest hikes we've ever been on.