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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wild Feast

Hi all,
We are getting ready for a visit with Patsy and Sonny, Wendy's sister and brother in law. They live in Pardeeville WI and will be with us for a few days. One good part of getting company is doing some cleaning and organizing that we have been putting off. When you live in a RV you really need to watch the stuff you accumulate it kind of sneaks in on you.
  Their visit is coming at a good time for a welcome break from our routine. Wendy will take off a day and a half and I will take off two nights. It should be a good time.
 This weeks days off were not the most exciting. We did some good shopping- woo-hoo, we have been slacking on this the last few weeks. Ooh and then laundry, let me tell ya what fun.) Just living the dream!
 But we did have the annual park employee Big Game Feast. This is a highlight event for volunteers and employees and a good chance to associate with others in the park. It featured venison stew, walleye, goose, froglegs and bass offerings. Deserts and sides ala potluck made a great meal.
 Wendy had also been busy finishing off her latest pine needle creation and what a beauty.
 I also snuck in a crappie fishing with two other volunteers JD and Jay. I broke Jays boat rules by landing the biggest fish. A 15 # northern caught on a small jig with no leader. What fun it was taking over 10 minutes to land.

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  1. What a feast! That's great that they have all of you there. Nice looking fish you caught!