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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Leaving Jekyll Island

Hi all,
This has really seemed like vacation to us. Is it possible to take vacation when your retired??
  I had wrote that on Thanksgiving we had got a nice bike ride in. Well, on our vacations we usually kept moving so this was no different.
 We then toured the Sea Turtle Center. It is in the center district of Jekyll. Jekyll Island is used by the turtles for a place to lay there eggs. The area is very important for the turtles and a lot of work is done at the center to rehab injured turtles and monitor nests. It is very informative and nice hands on activities for kids.

 Another walk on Driftwood beach and then we would get to finally eat some turkey. We cheated a bit buying a prepared bird that only required heating but the girls did cook the rest of the fixins. And they did a great job- we all ended up stuffed.
  Friday started with a walk on the beach then we had to take Pats mom Gale back to the airport. We then took a trip to St. Simons Island. This area has a busy shopping area, kinda touristy stuff. It also had some nice looking places to eat so we tried some yummy burgers. There is pretty lighthouse that you can tour and go up in for a price, but we just took pics and waked about.

 After that (did I say we keep busy) we toured Ft. Frederica. This is a national park and Wendy has been adding stamps to her National Park passport book. It is an old town/fort from 1742. For $3 you can watch a 20 minute movie, take a walk through old streets seeing some foundations and many nice narrative signs. Well worth the time and cost.

     We then headed back to Jekyll to finish the day with a walk on the beach.
 Saturday our last full day to be here started with a beach walk. After a nice breakfast we hopped on bikes and commenced to ride 50 miles (according to Pat). Well it was probably 15 to 20 and for us plenty.

 We then took a short rest and headed to a Christmas tree lighting in the Jekyll Plantation District. We sure don't feel like Christmas season to us being 60 degrees.
 We had a nice bonus to the day- Wendy had posted some pics on facebook and a classmate  had seen them and said we were in her area. Well she said she was going to the tree lighting. We said we'd be there but made no plan to meet up. Well you guessed by now we met and got a nice little visit. She says she doesn't get many visitors from Wisconsin- but I highly recommend anybody looking for a nice beach area to come spend some time. And next time we will look Connie Jo up for a good visit.

 So it was dark and we headed back to the house. We were packing up so we could get an early start for home Sunday. But Pat surprised and said we should take a night time walk on the beach. He said his sore knees and numb legs couldn't get any worse.So off we went.
 Sorry this was such a long blog but we won't have much going on after this. We need to get some projects at Mandi's done.
 To recap Jekyll Island is a nice quiet area. It is not real big. about 8 miles long and 2 or so miles wide.Not to built up with alot of the shops and stores. They have bikes and golf carts for rent.
  They do have a nice looking campground that is all shaded. We drove through and it looked nice. The beach just good stroll away.
 And lastly it  is pretty dog friendly. Only on the south area where alot of the nesting takes place dogs are prohibited. On the north you can let dogs loose under your control (except for nesting time).

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  1. We used to have snapping turtles lay their eggs on our site when we were at Mosquito. What a process to watch. Looks like Jekyll Island will be on my list of places to go.