Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, November 9, 2012

WOW !!!

Hi again,
 Its been a busy couple days- really. Well okay maybe not to busy but some big news is looming.
 I'll let ya in later.
 Wednesday we took a nice hike to see -what else-more waterfalls.
  We had to find some different places to go as the Blue Ridge Parkway has remained closed for ice and snow.
  We took a drive to an area west of Cherokee near Bryson City called Deep Creek. It is part of Smokey National Park.
  It said three waterfalls with about a two mile hike. First off we set the GPS and off we went. Maybe not a good idea. The road to the area turned into a dirt mountain road with tight turns and no shoulders. But we made it. When we got to the parking area it was quite crowded. Seems there is a nice road coming in from the other direction. Boy you got to watch those GPS directions.
 We set off to the first falls kinda following a crowd. It was uphill right away, we gladly let a few others slip ahead of us. I do not like to feel pushed on a trail.

 We made it to the first falls only .3 mi. from parking lot. Then things got interesting. We left the falls after 2 other groups and came upon a fork that was not marked well. After some deliberation we made a choice and set off. Well it wasn't far and we came to another trail splitting off. What the heck! again not marked well. Wendy saw a sign ahead and went to check it out. No sense in us both doing that.
 Well as I waited the two groups that had left the falls ahead of us came up from behind. Seems we took the right trail earlier. So on we marched.
 The trail criss-crossed up the mountain side then down the other side. When we got toward the bottom it met up with a stream. We just continued to walk along. After a while we hit one of the other waterfalls.

  We walked up another trail along the river thinking maybe it was a loop trail. After about as far as we wanted to go we returned the way we had set out. And when we were just about back we found the last waterfall.

 Overall it was a perfect day for a hike and they were some beautiful falls- but- this area could be way better marked. The signs were old carved wood and many times arrows not directly pointed.
  Done with the hike had a nice picnic lunch by the river.
 Well it was still early and nice and clear so we figured we had time to drive to Clingmans Dome. Just as we entered the main area we saw squad lights and knew- Elk jam.

  Clingmans is the highest point in the park. And boy was the weather different up there. 54 in the lower park and 29 up by Clingmans.There also was still some snow and ice on the roads. And the wind was blowing hard. But boy was it neat. We kept saying that it didn't look real. Well worth the drive.

 Okay now for the news you have been waiting for...
 We got a job!!! Aren't you excited? We are. We will be camp hosting at Custer State Park beginning next May.  It may work out good as it is until Aug. 14th. So we can head back to WI. and get some family time in before we head to a winter location.
 Thx for checkin in.


  1. Happy to hear thatyou decided to take it, but which job?

    1. To be camp host at Game Lodge campground.

  2. Custer State Park in May, been there and would definitely do that again! Hope we get that lucky when we become fulltimers and start looking for host jobs. I'm taking a car trip to Asheville at the end of December with my daughter and mother...your pics of snow on Clingman's Dome made me nervous, but of course we probably won't go into the Smokies to keep driving simple. Travel safe!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations on the job. Camp hosting is fun. You get to meet a lot of people from all over. We loved it.

  4. Congrats on the job! Sonny & I went to Clingman's Dome several moons ago. Such awesome sites from up there of the Smokies!