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Saturday, November 3, 2012

We're still having fun??

  After yesterdays post, I (Wendy) need to have my say. Yes we have been doing a few hikes. We did another one today and it wasn't a easy one (it could of been).
 We drove to Virgin Falls State Natural Area. Went down a dirt road for about 2 miles and saw alot of hunters out. Found the parking lot for the trail head and it was pretty full.
  The sign at the beginning warned about taking enough water and it was a strenuous hike and to allow 5-6 hours. To Big Laurel Falls  2 miles and Virgin Falls 4 miles. Round trip 8 miles.

 The trail started out flat and through the woods. Then we started going down hill to walk along the river.

 We started hiking through large boulders. The river continued on over the rocks until it ended. the water went in a hole and disappeared for awhile. After hiking awhile the creek was back running through the rocks

 After hiking around a corner and down a hill we came to Big Laurel Falls. It was beautiful! There was a huge cave you could hike into. After exploring, we sat and had a snack and enjoyed the view.

 Now knowing there was another nice waterfall just around a 1 1/2 down the trail, we had a decision to make. I was willing to be happy with seeing just this waterfall, but Ray wanted to hike on for a 1/2 hour more. We ran into other hikers coming back from the other waterfall and asked how the trail was and how far. With what they told us, Ray was on a mission to get to the other falls and off the trail before dark.

 Well, about 1/2 mile or so to go, Rays ankle was bothering him and we gave up. We didn't get a very early start on the trail and it was getting hot out (70). We needed to hike all the way back and there was alot of up hill. We made it back to the truck by 5:00.
  Lesson learned - hit the trail early and it's okay to turn around and not do the whole trail (Ray).
 We hiked about 16 1/2 miles in the last 3 days. Tomorrow is moving day so we'll get some rest and we"ll  plan out where the next hike will be.
        And yes we are enjoying our hikes.

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  1. Now you've give us some new waterfalls to hike to. Your photos are a teaser. It looks like a great hike.