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Monday, November 12, 2012

NC and family

Hi all,
 First off thanks to everyone for the good wishes with the job. In case you missed it we accepted a camp host job at Custer State Park for next year. We will be there (tentatively) May through Aug. 15.
  Also thanks to the people that allowed us to use them as references.
  Well we arrived at the daughters house on Saturday.( Statesville N.C.) We will be staying with her through the holidays. Mandi, her husband Pat and son Alex moved to this area in 2003. Pat had a dream of working with Nascar.

 He had some background in welding and took a job fabricating bodies for John Andrettis cars. He then got his CDL and works with Goodyear. He was then doing tire prep for Kevin Harvick.  He's still with Goodyear & team drives a Nascar hauler for western races.

 Mandi has a masters in accounting and is working as a senior corporate accountant at a company with locations in seven countries.
 We are very proud of them for following and making there life dreams happen.
 Alex is currently living with his dad in Wisconsin and attending tech school.
 OK I will quit bragging now. But--- we are proud of all our kids endeavors, I will brag up Colleen and Nate another day.
 We will be helping Mandi with a few projects while here. I guess you might say our first workcamp job.

  Today on Sunday with the weather hitting 70 we took a ride up to Stone Mountain State Park. We got in a nice hike with her doggies and saw a couple more waterfalls.

                   We'll work tomorrow.
                                               Thanks for checking in.


  1. Brag away! Enjoy the family for the holidays. This year certainly went fast.

  2. Nice to see pictures of Mandi and her family!!!