Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Waynesville N.C.

     Hi all,
Weather here in Waynesville, N.C. has been cool and rainy. I guess it goes to show you can't always run away from it all.
  This area looks like it would be full of tourists in summer and fall. They have many nice small stores on main street. We pretty much window shopped until we hit a general store with candy that I couldn't resist.

 We took a drive up into the mountains and saw some light snow. It must have snowed enough last night to bring out the plows. We stopped and made a small snowman from a pile of plowed snow.
 They also had closed the Blue Ridge Parkway because of the weather.

 It is to clear up the next few days so it will be good to get out and get a hike in.
  We plan on staying in this area until Saturday then we will head over to our daughter's(Mandi) house in Statesville N.C. We plan on staying with her through the holidays then off to Alabama.
  With the weather being as it is we have been home bodies more. It reminds us of snowy weekends in Wisconsin. Yuk.

   A good thing is we are staying in a private park. Wifi and cable tv. woohoo!
  We had joined a club called Passport America and we used it at the last 2 campgrounds. It gives 50% off on week days. We do like state and national parks but the private ones are nice for a change of pace.



  1. You can't run away from the snow!! It sure is pretty to see a first snowfall in the mountains though and of course to make a mini snowman.

  2. We have used PA a lot. Some parks are a little iffy, but definitely a good deal.