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Friday, November 2, 2012

Surviving Tennessee

Hey y'all,
 Holy cow, what is Wendy up to. I know she asked me to call the financial guy and make sure everything is all set up after retirement.  She seems to be walking me to a slow death.
 On Thursday we hiked 6 miles around Cumberland Mountain State Park. It is only 5 miles from where we are staying. ( Bean Pot Campground in Crossville, Tenn.)

 It was a nice loop hike around a lake. The hike featured a suspension bridge and ended at at a roadway bridge that was the largest concrete bridge made by the CCC in 1934.

 The terrain wasn't too bad for hills but there are lots of rock and roots making it less than leisure. At the end I wished I had put on my hiker boots for better ankle support. But I survived.
 So on Friday we took off for Fall Creek Falls State Park. Thanks to Travel Bug Susan for recommending that or maybe you're in cahoots with Wendy??
 Now that park as you can imagine has waterfalls. Four pretty good falls. It also featured two nice suspension bridges.
 We commenced to see Cane Creek Falls. First you see Cane Creek Cascades just under a suspension bridge. We would call that waterfalls in our opinion.

 Then on to Cane Creek Falls. To see that you need to cross a nice suspension bridge. Also heed the warnings no running or bouncing and only 6 persons max.
     To see Cane Creeks falls you hiked about 1/4 mile to a overlook. Not to bad.

  Then off to see the namesake Falls Creek Falls. Now we could have went back and got the truck and drove there but why do that when you can hike 2-1/2 miles and save the gas.
 It is a very beautiful falls that drops 256 feet to a plunge pool. Now comes the murder part or should I say attempt. You can take a short .4 hike to the bottom and whats that little bit?

 So off we go down. down, and down. On sometimes steps but mostly oddly placed rock. There is some really neat rock caves toward the bottom.

 Now that .4 to the top is where the attempt was made. Can you read strenuous. Well that's put lightly. What only took minutes to get down took alot more  to get back up. But I survived.
 We then took a lunch break and then took a scenic drive to Piney Falls. This was a nice little hike and featured yet another suspension bridge. And thank goodness you can't get to the bottom or for sure she would have succeeded.


         All in all a very nice park.
 Note: Some of the writings in this blog may have been slightly exaggerated to enhance the story and are not quite the way Wendy may remember them.


  1. Good for you two getting out and hiking! Looked like lovely falls.

  2. Mom - you can't take Dad out as I have way too much for him to do when (or if) he gets here! The falls & bridges look cool. I'll have to remember to get out that way.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. The falls look way different in November than they did in February. Still pretty, though.

    Glad you took the hike to Fall Creek Falls and made it to the bottom. We will have to do that next time we go.

    Good photos to document your achievement.