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Sunday, July 14, 2013


 Hello everyone,
 In the last post we talked how the wildlife visits had been reduced, well the buffalo must have read the blog. They have been out in force the last couple days. We have had some big herds pass by and today they have been milling in our area all day. It is getting into the rut season and the bulls have joined the herds. One of the things the bulls do during the rut is make loud guttural sounds- like a loud belch. They also run the younger bulls away from the females. Some of the bulls seem to latch onto a cow and will not let her move without them by his side. It is interesting to watch and we are starting to see some good buffalo jams on the roads.
Game Lodge Resort
Our swimming pond
  It is only 1 week from tomorrow our kids are coming. We are looking forward to that, we last saw Colleen and her boys last October when we set out. They are trekking out too Yellowstone first and will be with us Monday through Sat. We have also asked off another day while they are here.
 We are also looking forward as some friends we had met in Texas this past winter are also coming in for a visit. When we met Wayne and Cathy they had talked about maybe wanting to full time. They have since bought a new fifth wheel and are on a big trip. It will be nice to hear of there adventure.

 Things in the campground are running smooth. We had two noise complaints around the forth of July, those were the first complaints we have had since coming here in May. Both of the guilty parties were leaving the next day so not much action to take. We had one fellow ranting that his tent site was the worst place in the park- said it had broken off tent stakes, roots and was all gravel. He was complaining to reservation outfit and then our park office. I moved him to a emergency site to make him happy. Less than an hour went by and a family came in looking for a site and Wendy told them they could have this (bad) site. They were so happy they were high fiving us and told Wendy she was their new best friend. What a difference of people.

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  1. Wow, what a difference. The buffalo are many! I'm sure you guys will have fun with your kids!