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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The kids visit- Part 1

Hi all,
WHEW!!! What a week!
Now I remember what vacations were like ;)
 We had been looking forward to this week for a long time, and it went to fast.
 Monday we got surprised by a visit from our Texan friends Wayne and Kathy. They were staying outside the park and are booked in here Wednesday through Sunday. They have a new 5th wheel and wanted to check things out before bringing it in. It was a nice visit and helped pass time as we anxiously waited for the kids to arrive. 
Wayne & Kathy

 Mandi and Pat along with Colleen, Goyo and our three youngest grandsons arrived at about 5:00 pm.
They had just spent four days at Yellowstone and are here from Monday to Saturday.  Wendy and I were to have planned the schedule while they are here.
 So after the arrival hugs the plan was they set up and as we have a laundrymat in the campground they could hit that. Wendy and I were on our camp host schedule and we would do that while they settled in.
  Tuesday we hit the road running. First was the Iron Mountain Road to Mt Rushmore. Next was lunch in Keystone- buffalo burgers was the main fare for most. All while eating, a fudge shop across the street was beckoning us to come in. Who could refuse that? Oh and after getting a couple pounds for the road we still couldn't pass up on the taffy being freshly made next door.

  We then headed to Mt. Rushmore Cave to do the 7D gunslinger adventure. We all had fun with that.
 Next was a visit to Bear Country. This is a two mile drive through a park featuring many different animals and of course a lot of bear. We all thought the best part was watching four little bear cubs frolic in a pine tree.
Iasiah & Lukas
 Wednesday we drove up Needles Highway and went to Sylvan Lake. Most of the gang hiked Little Devils Tower, Isaiah, Pat, and I hung out and did the shorter hike around the lake. After the hikes we picnicked and did some trout fishing.
 After that we headed back to camp and met up with Wayne and Kathy and did a drive on the wildlife loop.

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