Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello all,
 Our wildlife visits to our camp area have seemed to dwindle. It may be the full activity of vacationers in the park. We seem to get one old bull making a daily pass through. They baled the area between the campground and the road, maybe when the fresh growth of grass starts the critters will return.
The weather has been great, probably averaging 75 and a few more rains than usual- though no one is complaining.
  One big thing we notice here is a lack of mosquitoes. Even with the wet weather we have seen none. Family back in WI are reporting a bumper crop of them. I'm sure they are waiting for our fresh blood.
 I got in a couple hours fishing and brought home about 15 bluegills/crappie. Not bad for just throwing a line in from shore. We had bought a small deep fryer that is waiting for a test.
 We also got in another nice hike. This was another located up near Sylvan Lake. It was the Sunday Gulch Trail. Listed as 2.8 mi but taking the trail from Sylvan parking lot I clocked it as 4.45 on my cell app. It is also listed strenuous but we managed. Just going slow and smelling the flowers. It has a unique feature of metal pipe handrails down through some of the rocks.
Sylvan Lake
Small waterfall

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