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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Hi again,
 Seems like we have nothing to blog about then when I start it's almost to much.
 We were treated to a nice homemade lunch with Paul and Peggy, a couple we had met in La. We had a great visit and really makes us want to go back to La. this winter.
 On Friday we said goodbyes to Tim and Renee who were hosting in one of Custer S.P. other campgrounds. We went through training with them and will miss them. They had only came in for two months and have another position lined up in Montana.
 Saturday was just a lounge in the campground day. But we did get some excitement, three bull buffalo were intruding on a outdoor wedding down the road. The rangers in their trucks gave us our first sight of a buffalo drive, right in our backyard- very cool.
  Sunday we headed down to Stockade Lake, I shore fished while Wendy worked on her cross stitch. I have fished more here than I ever have before- Life and fishin is Good!
  It is hard to believe we have been here for two months.  Wendy reminded me that it is also two months with no tv. We thought we would not do dish/direct and see how we get along. We get along fine as long as we have some internet and our Sirus radio. Camphosting here also requires us to be out in the evenings.
 Also got the budget done for the first half of the year and we are well under our budget spending. This camp hosting is a big part of that. We budgeted for camping at $20.00 per night, knowing some places are higher but it would average out. So work camping keeps that money in your pocket.
 Today we got in a nice hike. We headed up by the north west end of the park and did Little Devils Tower and also hiked by The Cathedral Spires.

Harney Peak
As we drove there I asked Wendy how this hike was rated, she said moderate/ strenuous. Well afterward she told me it was rated as strenuous but she thought I could handle it. How sneaky was that???
  I guess she was right and the views were stunning.

                                            HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY FORTH OF JULY !!!

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