Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hi all,
We have been busy planning for the kids to be here. They arrive on Monday and stay until Saturday. We also have friends from Texas coming in on Wednesday until Sunday. Wendy was watching our site list and pounced on a cancellation for them. We are virtually full every night now.
 So this will be a busy week for us, but we are looking forward to some good times.
We got in a nice little hike the other day. Our campground is in a valley and Wendy had wanted to climb one side for the view and pics of campground from above. Rather than scale directly up we found a old dirt road that seemed to point the direction. We also took our gps so we wouldn't get to lost. It was about a mile but a very pleasant walk and we got to the rock edges for a good photo op.
 We mostly just relaxed about this week although I did get in a little fishing one day. Guess we're saving our excursions for when the kids get here.
 We have been contemplating if we will return next year. I keep saying that if I wrote on a piece of paper everything we would want in a volunteer experience it would be here. We have had moderate weather, not to hot and cool nights. We have the wildlife loop right outside the campground, and love watching all the different critters. We have different size lakes close by and great fishing. Good hiking and we still need to bike on the Mickelson Trail yet. The drive to a Rapids and good shopping is only 26 miles, Custer with smaller stores is only about 15 miles.

 On the other hand there is so much of this country that we have yet to explore, we just don't know yet. Our boss who has been great said that it wouldn't hurt him if we wanted a different position in the park. But overall we have had a great experience here doing this.

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