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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting to be that time of year

Hello all,
  We awoke Monday morning to no water. Seems it got cold enough that our water hose had froze.
 I know I should have been prepared. The weather report called for it to happen. I thought of putting water in the fresh tank. I thought of opening grey release valve to sewer and slowly running water. But I seemed to be unable to function on Sunday. My head hurt. The retirement party got the best of me.
 Well with not needing to be anywhere special at any time I unhooked the hose a set in the sun. It was only about one hour and walla we had water flow.
 The campground ( Country View in Mukwonago) is really starting to empty out. After a pretty busy weekend there are only about seven units with cars about. The park is to close on Sunday. They told us it would be okay to pull out on Monday. Wow! we will win the last to leave award. TOP 1.
 We have had a little ritual when family camping to be last to go to bed. We would say we made it to the top 10 or top 5. Yea, I know we seem to have these rituals or habits that become customary. We will have to start some new ones. Come on, fess up to something that you all do that is ritual / habit. We want to hear it.).
  We have decided to make a different route to N. C. We had thought of going out to DC, then to North Carolina. With all that has been happening we feel we would like to get some time off by ourselves and explore a new area to us. It just feels like we have been running to one thing or another. We are looking to spend a little time at Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky.
 We have been busy looking on internet for a spring/summer camp host position. Would like to be out west Wyoming or Utah, but nothing set for sure yet. Anyone got any good ideas?

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  1. Yup, though I didn't blog about it, we had a frozen water hose too, on Saturday night in Welcome. George had shut off the water, but didn't unhook the hose. He brought it in the RV on Sunday morning, and set it on the shower floor with some hot water. Worked like a charm :)