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Monday, October 29, 2012


 Hi Y'all,
On Sunday we thought we would go and catch a Packer game at some sport bar. I had downloaded a app called Packers Everywhere and it is suppose to locate nearby bars to catch Packers. So turns out a bar is about 15 miles away. We arrive about 10 minutes before kick off to find bar out of business :(.
 So we spun back to Dickson, Tenn. Thinking we might find something. Ah ha a Ruby Tuesday and not to busy. They were playing the Titans game on all their tv's. I asked if they would turn one on the Packers.
 Well after a short try the girl said they haven't been getting more than just local games. (really?)
 So I guess it just wasn't meant to be. We had a drink and an appetizer and left. Oh well glad the pack won without me.

  On Monday we played tourist to Nashville. The park we are in is about 30 miles west.
 It was a sunny day but the wind was bitter cold. Temp only reached about 50. We were not into doing the country museum stuff, and we wanted to do it on the cheap. A fellow blogger had informed us of a free bus line that zips around downtown.

 Turns out we never hit the bus. We just waltzed in and out of a few of their many gift shops,  hit a few bars listening to their entertainment and sampled some local cuisine.

 We were surprised that on a Monday afternoon many had live music. But I guess that's Nashville.
 The town looks like it will be getting crazy. On Thursday is the Country Music Awards. We saw a few big semis with lighting and stage material starting to set up.
 A couple of the big bars were also closed for private parties. We caught ourselves checking out a limo waiting for some big star to emerge. Yeah, nobody recognizable came out.

 So with the crazy weather east of here s--w and such we decided to hold off on moving for a couple days.
                                 We will get caught up on wash and do some geocaching .

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  1. Hey, we recognize some of those places :) We liked that little Legends bar, good entertainment too!