Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Thursday, October 25, 2012

On to Tennessee

Hi again.
  Time to catch up on the last couple days and our time in the Land Between the Lakes.
 Wendy and I did get the kayak wet. On Tuesday we put it in just behind our campsite.
 Of course the predicted 13 mile per hour wind was blowing straight into us. We thought once we got to the other side we would be protected. Well we were and got to explore the shores of a nice bay.

         The wind then helped to push us home. Spent about three hours out, a nice time out.

 Wednesday we took a three mile hike. We had taken this hike our first day here so this time we did it in reverse. It is a very nice hike bouncing from woods to shoreline.
 After that we just lounged in the afternoon sun. I know its a rough life. We say we got to slow down.
  That evening we made one more trek to see if we could spot the fallow deer. I don't know why but they tend to stay in an area around a visitor center.

 We first spotted four that seemed to have something better than us to look at. A look through my binoculars spotted a coyote sneaking in the grass. The four soon went into the woods. We then spotted two young bucks off on another side. They playfully sparred for a moment. That was cool.
 So we were leaving to head home as it was getting dark, when we rounded a corner and there were four larger bucks at the edge of the woods. Again as our luck Wendy had set her camera down. When she got it ready they were in the woods. Oh well, we had a great time.
 So today was moving day. We moved to Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee. We plan to drive to Nashville for a day trip and a Pumpkin festival in Franklin, Tenn. on Saturday.

 Thanks for following along and we appreciate all comments.



  1. You are in some very beautiful country. The fallow deer are an added bonus.

  2. Sorry we seem to be a day or two ahead of you guys. When you go to Nashville, there's a parking lot at 6th & Broadway, right behind the church, for $7/day. Self pay & park. Have a great time in that area!

  3. It seems like you two are enjoying your retirement. I love the pics, absolutely beautiful. I love seeing animals too.