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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hiking and biking in Kentucky

 Hello All,
 Well four days in to this fulltime thing and one thing I know,
            I am out of shape :(.
 We have taken a few nice hikes and I can tell you there are some nice hills in Kentucky. We also took a good bike ride and my butt hurts.

 But all in all it was great. Wendy really tries to go at my pace. It gives her a chance to use her photography skills.

 Today we were taking a very short .3 trail and got surprised by some deer. Now being from Wisconsin we new there was something different about these deer. We saw about six and one was a large racked buck. But the rack looked like a caribou rack. And some of them had spots and were different shades of light brown to dark.

 Well the mystery was solved in a nearby nature center. Seems they had planted some Fallow deer and that is what we were lucky to see.
 Sorry no picture of the buck even though I wished I had a video of Wendy stalking after them. I told her she should have been a hunter. ( maybe I'll get her some camouflage :).

  Oh, I said I would say more about Land Between the Lakes. It is a large tract of land- 170,000 acres-42 mi. in length and 7 mi. wide, with 300 miles of undeveloped shoreline. It lies on the western side of Kentucky/Tennessee. The borderline splits it about 3/4 of the way down.
 The main waterways are Lake Barkley to the east and Kentucky Lake to the west.  These were at one time rivers but dammed up to create the lakes. I was quite impressed with the size of the lakes, they are huge.
 There are welcome centers at the north and south ends, a visitor center with a Planetarium in the middle.
Also there is a Elk and Bison Prairie with a scenic road through it for viewing and another bison only range.

   For camping they have five different areas from full hook ups to primitive. And did I tell you they have lots of hiking and bike trails. Well they do :(.

                             So we plan to stay here til next Tues. (Oct. 23rd.) or who knows?


  1. Did you see us wave as we drove by today? Would have been a great area for us to camp. We are a little farther south and east, I'm afraid. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures Wendy is taking. She has a lot of talent. That looks like a great place to spend some time.

  3. Love your pictures! I am out of shape as well - looking forward to the days when walking, hiking and biking will be a part of my daily routine. :)