Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Fest

Hi all,
 Well the weather has taken a turn. It sure was nice putting on shorts and sandals for a bit.
 But luckily we are not in Sandy's way. We are watching closely as I have a brother and his family in Maryland. We hope that mother nature chooses to prove the weathermen wrong.

 Friday at 10:00 we started to take a hike, knowing the rain was to start after noon. We got about one mile out and it began to rain. Oh well, not to bad. We took a shortcut home and still got 2.6 miles in.
 It was a good thing the rest of the day was rainy.

We hadn't been shut in the camper yet though I know there will be days. Just like with snow you have to make the best of it. So we did what everybody does on days like this. Off to Walmart. We are keeping a list so when we hit a good shopping center we get what we need.
  Today(Sat.) we set out to hit a fall pumpkin festival in Franklin, Tenn. It was your normal fall fest- crafts, food , and some entertainment. They had a super large pumpkin to guess the weight of.
 It was just a bit to cool, (48) to really enjoy.
We ducked into a restaurant called Pucketts Grocery. They serve southern style bbq and fixins. They have another location in Nashville. We both had pulled pork which was delicious. Wendy says I am going to get bbq'd out. I say that'll never happen.
                       What you see in the pic is pumpkin spiced beer. (also yummy!).
 After we got home from the fest and relaxed a bit we took the rest of the hike we had started on Friday. We had to work some of that lunch off.
  So the weather is suppose to be cool the next few days. We may just go and find a spot to watch Packers and Wendy is checking on some geocaches. We have not done that hobby since we were on vacation in North Dakota.
 Monday we will go check out Nashville. We are waiting til Monday as they run free buses then. Thanks to Laurie for the info on that.


  1. Pumpkin-spiced beer...hmmm. I've always wondered about those supposedly flavored beers. Do they really taste like the "flavor?"

    Geocaching is something we've never gotten into, but it sure sounds like fun. Kind of like treasure hunts we used to do as kids. It would probably help if we had a GPS, hunh?

    We love to be out hiking or walking too. On rainy days we like to go to movies (if we're near a theater) or museums (there's usually some of those around!).


  2. We almost stated in Franklin, it looked like a cool place...next time. Pumpkin spiced beer sounds interesting!

  3. I had a pumpkin spiced beer last week. Nice for the season but not one I would drink often.