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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Retirement Party

Hello all,
      We want to thank all for the nice comments concerning the passing of my mom.
 It was a busy week with family coming in from out of town for the funeral. And on top of that we had planned our retirement/ hitting the road party for Saturday.
 I was worried it may be to soon to have a party but with having a hall reserved and invites out we felt we needed to go on. As it turned out the party may have helped in the healing process.

With brothers and sisters. Corey, Diane, me (Ray), Charlene, Russ, Darlene

Celebrating with the kids. Mandi, Nate and Colleen.
We were even surprised as my dad attended the party. My youngest brother had been in town for the funeral and was to leave Saturday morning. As he was at the airport all set to go he found out his flight would be delayed and would miss his connecting flight. Well how nice they would have to wait until Sunday and attend the party. We think my mom had something to do with that.
 It also was nice as our daughter (Mandi) was able to extend her stay to attend. (Wendy said she knew Mandi would find a way to be there).
   The party was a huge success. We were blessed to have so many of our friends and family in attendance.

Some of our high school friends and spouses

 So we had a great time and a big thanks to all. We will miss seeing you all on a regular basis.
 We now know we will head out on Oct. 15. We will make a slow trek to North Carolina to stay with Mandi through the holidays.


  1. The party sounds like just what the doctor ordered...even though he didn't. Glad your family was in attendance.

    Enjoy life on the road!


  2. So glad that all worked out for your party and so many family members were there. Love your tee shirt!

  3. I'm glad you went ahead with your party because it does look like the medicine your family needed. Enjoy your retirement. YOu have lots of family and friends wishing you well from the looks of it. Love your photos of your family.

  4. I am sure your MOM had much to do with helping assure extended stays... plane delays? humm, I am a NON-believer of coincidence. No such thing.. nodda...everything 'a time, a season' all things even to the last hair on our heads ... planned out in advance by our Lord. Do not wish to offend anyone, just stating MY beliefs.
    Enjoy your retirement!
    God Bless your entire family!

    Marsha and Joe (near Carrizo Springs, Tx )

  5. I can't believe Mandi finally made the blog! You go girl! If your good, dad might put another one on the blog next year! lol