Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good bye Wisconsin

 A big hello to all, 
Holy cow! We have finally done it. We left Mukwonago on Monday morning at 10:30. So now we are fulltime campers. I know, we had been homeless since July 2nd and only living in the rv, but it just didn't seem like we were there yet.
 So now we are there. Where?  Well we had a small task to take care of before we left. It was for a future sister in laws birthday. We won't say how old she is here but Happy Birthday to Lyn.

 So our first night was spent at a Flying J. And this is what we had planned. When you are on the road many rv'ers utilize Flying Js, Pilot gas stations and Walmarts for quick one night stands. Oh and it helps that it is free camping. But is it? You usually fill up, and we ate dinner and breakfast in the connected Dennys. So not  total free loading.

 But it works nice that you don't unhook and are ready to take off quick in the morning. It wasn't to bad. we had about 8 other campers there and truckers were far on other side.
  We got up and finished our drive to Land Between the Lakes. A new area to us to explore. It is a National recreation area that is 42 miles long and is split between Kentucky and Tennessee.
 Pulled in about 12:30 and got a nice site right on the waters edge. The water looks to be really low, as with most places.

 After getting settled in we had lunch and took a nice four mile hike. It was beautiful, The weather was about 70 and we found two really neat beaches. We goofed off so much on the hike it was getting toward dusk before we got home.

 I will write more on the park in the next blog.
 We completed the night with a nice dinner and a campfire.

                          Thanks for following along


  1. On the road! All right. Looks like you found a wonderful campsite and are already enjoying the RV lifestyle. Congratulations are in order.

    Susan & Bob

  2. Congratulations! That first night in the Flying J was interesting for us too. Nice choice for your next stop.