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Saturday, March 30, 2013

At the Ranch

Hello all,
 Well the past few days were just spent getting caught up with laundry and restocking groceries.
  We relocated with a few short drives. The first stop was Alpine, TX. We camped at the Lost Alaskan RV Park. I had spied that park on our drive down from Fort Davis to Big Bend.Thinking it looked like a well kept park we decided to stay there. It was very clean and the camp host and young owner were super friendly.
 We then drove to Pecos, TX  for a quick one night stay. We stayed at TraPark, an Escapee park. The reviews on this place were not good so we didn't expect much. That was good because it was just gravel lot parking. Oh well it was cheap and probably safer than in the Walmart in this area.
I think it was used for target practice
 So today we arrived at The Ranch in Lakewood NM. It is another Escapee park and kind of unique.When you arrive they ring a loud bell and people wander over to greet you. The Escapee organization incorporated hugs as the main greeting. I must say we got hugged by more strangers today than ever before. They also host a daily happy hour and introduce newcomers.
Our backyard
  The park is located 25 miles north of Carlsbad and maybe 60 miles south of Roswell, NM. We plan to hold up here for a week or two. We will do the Carlsbad Caverns and there are a couple other parks to visit.
 Wendy brought it up that we have been retired and on the road for six months. The time has gone fast. It's hard to believe we are doing what we planned on doing for so long. When we left Nate (our son) had made us a travel cd, Wendy still puts it in whenever we move to listen to Free by Zac Brown.

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  1. We just commented that we made 6 months as well. It sure has gone by fast! I'm glad we have joined Escapees too. We haven't stayed in one of their parks yet, but will in a month when we go to Yosemite.