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Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Bend days 5&6

Hi again,
 Well our time in Big Bend has came to an end. We had a great time and Wendy has some great pics.
 After covering most all the main drives and some hikes it was time to log a good long hike. We headed for the Lost Mine Trail. It was said to be a moderate 4.8 mile trek, actually listed as moderate but steep. It was a busy day on the trail with minimal parking and we ended up 1/4 mile from the trail head. Now the fun part of this hike is it was like climbing a mountain. The front half was all uphill with some steps and switchbacks. Then a fantastic view on top, elevation 7550. Well what goes up must go down and so did we.
 It took about 4 hours with stopping for snacks and pics' ). It was a beautiful day for hiking about 75 and sunny. The wind blew pretty good at the top and was gaining strength as we descended. We will surely be sore after this.
That's the parking area
 Our last day to visit we were in debate as to what to do. We just set out to the park and while driving came across Ward Spring Trail. This was not listed on the maps we had. The sign said 1.4 mile (2.8 round trip) and after the hike up yesterday we thought this would be a good leg stretcher.
 It was a well marked trail rising slowly across the desert to a gorge where a small spring existed. The spring was so heavily forested we only saw a few glimpses of water. Views in the gorge were nice.
 In a visit to Big Bend you really get to know your cacti and this trail seemed to have a good variety. I know that sounds exciting to you all. We learned there are 22 types in the park and that doesn't count the four different yuccas. Well we thought it was neat trying to figure out what we were looking at.
  Lastly in the park we took a off road trek called Dagger Flat Auto Trail. A nine mile jaunt that heads to a prime area for spotting yuccas. The limestone area produces numerous yuccas with some reaching to 20 feet.
 With the park being so big and camping outside it we were never in for prime time animal viewing. We did finally see a few javelin and a mule deer, along with the elk and great horned owl earlier mentioned.  Oh and sorry Mandi we never got to see a rattlesnake.
Today we left the park and drove to Alpine Texas. We are staying at Lost Alaskan RV Park. We will get caught up with laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning up the truck.

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