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Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary

      Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife of 38 years.
 Hard to believe, but like they say time flies when your having fun. We were reminiscing this morning of our past and thinking wow,what a good life we have been blessed with.
 We raised three great kids and they have given us six grandsons that we are proud of. We have had such great times with family and friends. It is nice to reflect back and think about the future.
 As always we have been busy. Wednesday we took a ride to Johnson City, Texas. We saw the boyhood home of LBJ, the house was set up to look as it would have as LBJ was at 5 years old circa 1920s.
   On the edge of town was Johnson settlement the homestead of his grandparents.

We then drove 14 miles to the LBJ ranch. The ranch became known as the Texas White House as LBJ spent a good 25 percent of his term there. The house has been set up as it was during his term in office.
 We did a narrated drive of the property. He had a air strip lengthened to allow the landing of Air Force 1.
Lady Bird & LBJ's Graves
 Thursday we drove about 40 miles to San Antonio. We went to 4 different lots before we found a spot for the dually. We saw the Alamo and took the riverwalk along San Antonio River. This is a beautiful area lined with nice restaurants.

We met up with John and Jan a couple we had met at Betty's RV. Also with them was Johns brother and sister in law, Bob and Sharon. We took a walk to a nice Mexican restaurant and toured the El Mercado( Market Square).
 After lunch we left them and took one more San Antonio stroll ( just to get the song in your head.).
  Today we met up again with John and Jan for lunch. They are camped on the other side of Canyon Lake from us. They had said they wanted us to go to this colorful place for some Mexican food. When they said that, we knew it was a place two other couples in our campground have been clamoring about. Franks Bait and Taco. Yeah, sounds like a nice place to take your honey for your anniversary.
 This place is unique to say the least. It is packed and I mean packed from the floor to the rafters with gifts that were given to the owner over the years. The owner was super friendly telling us how it started and how he still gets items from customers to continue decorating the place.
  He told us a fellow had come in recently and gave him a New Orleans Saints mug. He said he put it somewhere but can't remember where. It was bugging him so much he said he would give us lunch free if we found it.
         No free lunch today.(


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Didn't you just love the riverwalk? Great place to eat, I see..must be a hoarder :)

  2. Happy Anniversary. We just love San Antonio. It's a good thing since this is where Bob found a good job. We'll be here for a couple of years, but with time off to travel.

  3. Nice post, Congrats on 38 years!!