Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movin on

Hello all,
 Sadly we left our Canyon Lake home. We had tried to extend our stay but we were at the fourteen day limit.
We had a great send off dinner. Wayne, who I had fished with on Tuesday prepared a fresh catfish fry for us. His wife Kathy had made a big ol pan of beans and also cut some fries. Wendy made a nice salad and we ate like royalty. As we keep saying we meet the nicest people and we're sad to say good bye.  Wendy says to just say we'll see ya down the road.
 So we made a couple drives and we are now at Fort Davis, Texas. The drives were uneventful other than driving into a good Texas wind. It didn't knock me around much but the fuel gage sure moved fast. To the tune of 7.69 mpg, ouch.  I  put an app on phone to track our mileage and overall am at 13. That's probably 11 pulling and 16 solo.
 Back to Fort Davis, this is called high desert country and is sure pretty. We will be taking a scenic wildlife loop tomorrow, should be nice.


  1. Don't miss McDonald Observatory.

  2. I heard that the winds have been brutal this season. Yuck! Looks like a great campsite, though.

  3. Be sure to go to the Star Party at night at the observatory. I missed it because we had a time zone change in our travels and I didn't realize it until it was too late for me to go. : (