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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hanging in Southwest Texas

Hello all,
We camped for two nights at the back of a motel just outside Fort Davis. The state and national parks are all booked with Texas spring breaks.
 We took a scenic wildlife drive of about 75 miles. We saw a few antelope shortly after we set out but other than that only saw cows a turkey. We really wonder what these cows eat as it looks like only cactus and sage brush.

 But it was a beautiful drive and the landscape had us in awe.

 Along the way we toured Davis Mountains State Park. It had a nice overlook on top of a mountain.

  We also took in Fort Davis. There was a short video then you take a self guided tour. They have some buildings set up as they were in 1884. There are many foundations from the original time.
 Some friends had told us we should to visit the McDonald Observatory. While we would have liked to we were just to pooped. We will save it for another time.
While at the state park we chatted with another rv couple and they raved about taking in Big Bend national Park. Wendy wasn't to sure of doing it at this time but I said we may never get this close.
   We know we won't get to camp in the park due to the spring breakers. So we researched some blogs and found Stillwell Store and RV Park.
 We will spend the next week exploring Big Bend.

(This is a reposted blog after it was deleted)

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