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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Big Bend days 4 & 5

Hello again,
 Well, we're back in vacation mode. We can't help it and maybe don't want to. We will slow down when we get to South Dakota for our work camp job.
 We are having to drive a lot because  we are staying six miles from the park entrance. That and the fact the park is just so big. They have one campground that does have RV hookups, but it is on the further southeast area and you would still have to drive to most places. Also hookup camping in the park cost $35.00 and we are paying $23.
 Just in case you're wondering diesel is available in the park for $4.43.
 Thursday we got out for a hike. It was about a four mile round trip hike to Dog Canyon. This was an out and back trail. The first mile was pretty much flat across desert. The rest we followed a dry wash to and through the canyon. It was a calm day but the wind blew like crazy in the canyon.



 A sign along the wash pointed to Devils Den furter down the wash. We were a bit confused as this didn't show on our maps. We followed the dry wash for about a half mile then decided to head back as we had no idea how far this was to be.
 The extra walk did pay off for something, as we spooked a great horned owl from its roost. It flew ahead a couple times then when we approached he flew back to his original roost. We didn't have the zoom lens but Wendy got a couple shots.
 Later in the day driving back I spied something and told Wendy to stop and back up. I couldn't believe but here in this dry place with no water for miles was a young bull elk. We later asked in the park office and they said that there are probably a dozen or so. I would have thought maybe in the mountains but not in the lower desert.
 Friday we drove to Rio Grand Village on the southeast side. We took a short hike to Boquillas Canyon.
 On the hike we saw places where the Mexicans sneek over and place hiking sticks and wire trinkets. You are not to buy these as a sign says. All I will say is Wendy never saw me buy anything ')
 We then went to a nearby hot springs along the Rio Grande. Water temp is 104 and today barely warmer than the air. I reverted to cool in the river after a bit.
 Our good deed helping the hiker the other day paid off. A couple gave us a ride back to the truck, as duallies had to park 1/2 mile away. We were thankful, it was 92 and no air moving.
Flowers growing in the desert


  1. Another nice place to hike. Diesel $4.43? Yikes :)

  2. Great pics. We really like Big Bend.
    Travel Safe!!