Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter Texans

Howdy, How yall doin?
   How's that for talking Texan?
  This has been a pretty nice area and is starting to grow on me. Once you get used to the wind it's not bad.
 They put a fire ban on the other day and even after a couple rains not enough to lift it. To bad as a couple of nights have been rather calm and would be nice to sit by the fire.
  Now in our second week in this area we are more content to stay around and enjoy the campground.
 We took a short drive Sunday to Boerne (pronounced BER-nee). They were having a market day downtown. They also boast many antique shops on the main street. While nice for some people we enjoyed their little river walk better. I don't think I ever saw so many turtles.
free local music
 Tuesday was a happy day for me. I got to go fishing!  Probably happy for Wendy to, she get rid of me for a day.) A couple that we made friends with from WI (Ed and Marilyn) had friends from nearby Lockhart come in. Wayne and Cathy are camped next to us and he invited me out on his boat. He is very familiar with the lake and did his best to get us some fish. We didn't get skunked but close enough. I almost didn't care. The ride on the river from the lake was beautiful and we had a cloudless 70 degree day.
Wendy, me, Ed, Cathy, Marilyn & Wayne
 Oh in case you're wondering a one day licence for non resident was only $16. 
 Wayne and Cathy are thinking of doing the full time thing so we have spent a lot of time talking to them of it. I do say it is not for everyone and tell them of what some say are the pitfalls.
 Today we drove to Gruene(green) to listen to some music. We had toured Gruene some days ago they have some neat stores and the oldest dance hall in Texas.
 The music by Slim Bawb was listed as swamp music. Very different as not really Cajun but you could tell his roots were from Louisiana. The leader of the band was quite talented playing banjo, ukulele, guitar and bass with foot peddles.

Friday we are planning to move, we are looking at maps and hopefully will know where when we get hooked up.


  1. Nice post, We need to explore that area.

  2. It was great meeting ya'll. (Texan) We really enjoyed the time together. Hope we can hook up in South Dakota this summer. Looking forward to it. Safe Travels.