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Sunday, May 19, 2013

1st weekend

Hello again,
  We now have had a couple days on the job. It is going good,  I guess all that training paid off.
This was a busy weekend in the park. They  had open house allowing everyone free admittance and there is also free fishing without licence. We also have a ton of activities going on, a volksmarch, some Dutch oven cooking, a fishing contests and much more. It all gets capped off Sunday with a buffalo chip flip. We waved at the younger kids the other day as they were loading up all the buffalo dung.
Gold panning
Dutch oven cooking
 Our campground was nearly full with only a couple tent sites open. Seems to be a favorite weekend for the locals as there are many from Rapid City. Later when the foreign tourist start flocking in they avoid the park.
 Our schedule is a bit weird and may take a little getting used to. We get up and dress in our fancy uniforms and spend about an hour spritzing up two bathrooms and checking 4 recycle cans. When we're done with that we change to street clothes and do our breakfast. We are then free until 5 when we change again and go on duty until 9.
 We are also trying to work in our meal schedule, trying to avoid cooking and eating when we are on duty. The previous host said don't worry you will get fed. I found out what he meant the other night. We began our  rounds and were immediately offered some smoked tenderloin. Later we met up with some of the dutch oven cookers and were testing some pecan bread/cake. Yea, I know its a tough job but somebodys gotta do it.)

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  1. That does sound like a crazy schedule! Still, who cares, right? You are retired and having a blast :)