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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So, what are we really doing?

Hello all,
 So Monday we finally got into the meat and potatoes of our jobs.
Many of you have been asking what we will exactly be doing.
 Our main focus is to be on duty from 5pm to 9 pm. Our focus is meet and greet, talking to as many guest as possible. The big point in these visits is to try and make sure guest know when there departure is. Seems many get mixed up on the day they are to leave. So nicely we say how was your time? now get the heck out.)
 The campground is full virtually every night, so if someone forgets what day they are to leave and the next guest comes in it is a big problem. Most times like that people leave the park for the day and are many times unreachable by phone in the hills.
Tatanka Theater with nightly Naturalist Programs
 We spot check the bathrooms in the morning. Assure t.p. is there and attend to any minor cleaning needed.  A cleaning crew does the main cleaning later. They also clean the fire pits. There is another couple that cleans the 11 cabins in our campground. We also have a group site and day use area across the highway that we should check, but no cleaning.
Day use area
Game Lodge Campground in background
 Oh there are many other things that we may do, rent open cabins which most times are all full. We sell park passes if someone forgot to get when they entered the park.
Fishing pond and creek in campground
 The park is on a new reservation system, all sites get reserved. If they come in without a reser. we direct them to a phone to call the reservation company to get the site. We do not have to post open or occupied sites. As it is a new system everybody is learning along with us. We already have had our part in a big snafu when two campers set up on reserved sites. They say that's not how it was done before. They also don't take the time to read signs. We had to do some creative maneuvering to find them a spot. At the end they were thanking us for going out of our way as we don't actually start until Friday.
 So with just a couple meetings in the morning we will be set to go. We are very eager to get going and believe we made a great choice in coming here.
Our backyard

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  1. That sounds like a great job there. We'll have to look into it for next summer.