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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scott's Bluff Nebraska

Hello all,
 Happy May Day!
 We continued our trek north making a somewhat short drive to Scott's Bluff, Nebraska.  There is the town of Scott's Bluff and the actual bluff area itself. Located around the southwestern area of the state. It is part of the Oregon Trail along the North Platte River.
Chimney Rock
  We camped at Robidoux R.V. Park a village campground on the outskirts of town.

 After setting up we drove to see the bluff. This is a national park so Wendy was able to get a couple more stamps in her passport book.
 They have a nice visitor center located at the base of the bluff. After watching a short video we took the drive to the top. You pass through three tunnels along the way. Views were great although standing straight in the high winds was tough.
 From 1841 through 1869 some 350,000 people joined wagon trains heading west. The bluffs were the first big landscape vision that the pioneers seen since they had set out. 
 Tuesday we hit the road and crossed into South Dakota, woohoo, home at last. Well home for a time.
 We are camped at Heartland RV Park a private campground that belongs to Passport America. It is located just five miles from Custer State Park, we will leave for the park on Friday.

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  1. Scott's Bluff is on my list, you're the first blogger I've seen visit there, and I'm looking forward to your adventures in Custer. If I suddenly find an opening in my summer I'd love to head out to Custer SP, but we're full of other plans this year so far.