Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Saturday, May 11, 2013

More training and touring

Hi all,
Well day 3 training on the new job.
 We spent a lot of time in class today. We had presentations from the Wildlife management team which is the most interesting to me. Then Forestry management which main issues are fires and pine beetle infestation.
 We then loaded into the fun mobiles (vans) and traveled to Legion Lake. We had lunch at Legion Lake Lodge and toured there cabins. Then a drive through the campground there and on to Badger Hole.

Legion Lake
Badger Hole is a old cabin that  Badger Clark, South Dakotas first poet laureate lived for the last 30 years of his life. He wrote many things most notably The Cowboys Prayer.
Badger Hole
 We then headed back to the classroom for presentation on buffalo management. Good to know as the herd of 1400+ roam the entire park.
 Next up were presentations from Wind Cave and Jewel Cave National Parks. We were really getting tired during these. Wendy said she almost dozed off a couple times. We sure aren't used to the classroom thing.
 Not done yet we had our fire management, radio and fire extinguisher training.
 Training Day 4
 This was a cool day. We began with a buffet breakfast at Game Lodge. They had some awards passed out to staff for last years work. Then off to the vans for Crazy Horse Memorial. There we had a customer service presentation (pep rally). It wasn't to bad and kinda fun.
After that a presentation on Crazy Horse Memorial. This was nice as we got to meet Ruth Ziolkowski the wife of Korzac who began the monument.
 They then had a nice buffet lunch for us. We then got another special treat as we loaded up and drove the arm of the monument. ( this is a $150. tour ).

 Next up to Mt. Rushmore. A presentation there and then a nice ice cream treat. Also saw a couple mountain goats just at the front entrance.
 This was a nice way to end the week. We are lucky and get the weekend off, on Monday we will finally get to train on our actual jobs.
  A nice bonus today we received a VIP card that gives us some good deals on area attractions. They want us to utilize those so we can give better info to our guest in the park- sure no problem ').


  1. I'm tellin ya, I want that job next summer :) We both love that whole area, would be great to work there too. Anxious to read about the job itself when you finally start!

  2. We loved that area. We want to do the walk up to Crazy Horse some time. The RV park on Grand Isle was small like Betty's, but no as much fun. Gordy and Ruth Ann who we met at Betty's work at Crazy Horse. He drives the bus.
    Travel safe!!!

  3. All those perks! We did the Volksmarch up to Crazy Horse when we were there, I'd recommend it to anyone in the area at the time. We heard about it word of mouth, just happened to be in the area at the right time!