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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Training days..

Hello all,
 Its been a busy week with our training. They map out the day pretty well keeping you hopping.(literally).
 We began Monday with introductions of the park staff and some basic park info. Then at 11:15 we loaded up the group of 45 (all new) into vans and drove to Mt. Coolidge. Mt. Coolidge is the second highest mountain in the area. It is used as a fire tower and also control center of communications in the park.
Built by CCC in 1940
Great views
 We then traveled to Blue Bell Lodge for lunch and a tour of the lodge. We also got to check out there cabins.
Blue Bell Lodge
 Then back to the vans and off to Blue Bell Campground and French Creek Horse Camp.
 We then drove the wild life loop road and a visit to the buffalo corrals. In September they hold the buffalo roundup that draws in about 18,000 spectators to watch. We will be leaving in August so not taking part in that.
 We then toured the wild life visitor station. This building was once the head herdsman's house.

 No we weren't done yet, back to the vans and off to French Creek Natural area and a drive through Game Lodge Campground.( This is where we will camphost).
 Still not done, slowly loaded our ever tiring buts back in the vans and toured Creekside motel. That is located next to Game Lodge.
 Back to those d--- vans we go and a tour of the Pavilion, where they will probably host 40 or more weddings.
  Ok guess what? You guessed, to the vans and a short drive to Reunion Cabin. This place was awesome, it sleeps 28 has two jacuzzi and rents for a mere $1,100 per night.
 We loaded up the last time and were finally done at 5:15. I don't know why we were so tired??
 Training Day 2.
 Begins with meeting some more park staff, then at 10:00 off to the vans.
 First stop was Center Campground and day use areas. Next was Valhalla, this was built in 1927 for Peter Norbeck. It is now reserved for the governor and guest use.

 We then went to the famous Black Hills Playhouse and viewed an old video of the park.
 we were scheduled to do Needles highway but it is closed for some logging.
 We then drove to Sylvan Lake Campground and Day Use area. Next was Sylvan Lake Lodge, where we got a nice lunch. We toured the main lodge and also viewed some of the rooms. This area also host many weddings as the lake and rock backdrop provides unique photo ops.
Sylvan Lake was one of the filming sites for "National Treasures Book of Secrets" in 2008
  Off in those wonderful vans again and off to Stockade Lake, then Stockade North and South Campgrounds.
 The last leg of the day was a quick stop at the shop/garage area. Then back to the Peter Norbeck Visitor Center where we completed one of those see if you can find this information in the center quizzes.
 Two days down and four and a half to go. I think it is really good training and will definitely make us better at our jobs- But I'm suggesting some low rider vans for the next training.).


  1. Nice post. We love that area, but you were tiring me out with all that w**k.

  2. We didn't make it to Sylvan Lake when we were there (before RVng). Looks like a beautiful place. You are workamping in the most beautiful area!