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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello all,
    A big thanks to all the veterans this Memorial weekend. THANKS !!

 We got in a nice hike the other day. Lovers Leap is just a 1/2 mile from our site. It is a nice 3 mile loop that meanders through Ponderosa Pines up high to a beautiful view on top. Our supervisor proposed to his wife at this view.The trip down then follows a creek crossing it many times. We had a great day for doing this and only saw one other couple at the end of the hike.
 We have a full house in the campground so it is keeping us busy. We were going to grill up a couple burgers during our shift on Saturday and ended up cooking at 9:00pm. Oh well, time flies when you're having fun. It is fun talking with all the people and hearing of their adventures. It is really neat when people that have never been here come in. Seeing the excitement of the park and our critters in their faces is priceless.
 Had a cool happening the other day. I went over to meet the cabin cleaner just to be cordial. We got to talking and then it hit me we had met this fellow in Alabama at the Escapee park this past winter. It really is a small world. He is a big fisherman and was taking people for fishing and boat rides on the river there.  And the best part, he is always looking for a fishing partner. So on Tuesday I will make the sacrifice for him.  :)

Didn't last very long!

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