Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hi again,
 Spring weather is running a ugly course, our prayers go out to Oklahoma.
 Our weather has been cool with some rain. After last years dry year most people are not minding the rain.
 I  feel bad for the families trying to enjoy a nice vacation and  the weather doesn't cooperate. Guess we can all say 'been there done that'.  We were able to change one family from a tent site to a cabin.They were from Georgia and were really freezing.
  We have our weekend as Tuesday and Wednesday. We took off as tourist and hit Jewel Cave. We were using our VIP comp card so we got in free. We took the 1-1/2 hr. scenic tour. Jewel Cave is the 2nd longest cave but believe that 95% is still uncharted. They are able to determine cave size be air flow in and out of the cave.

Don't get very good cave pictures
 Next up was a stop at the National Museum of Woodcarving. This is located just outside of Custer, S.D.
 Much of it is a tribute to Dr. Harley Niblack. He developed 3D animation and has had works in the Smithsonian Inst. He also was hired by Walt Disney in 1954 for animation at Disneyland.
We capped off the day with a short drive on the wildlife loop. It is just so handy just outside our campground. We have probably been on it about six times already. Seeing wildlife just never gets old to us.

Love the little ones
  Our daughter Colleen and her boys Noah and Lukas took part in one of those obstacle runs where you end up crawling through the mud. Looks like they had a great time. Sure makes us miss em. 
Can't wait til July when they come for a visit.
The end of a great day.

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  1. Your pictures make me want to be back there in Custer. We really liked the loop too. Having those donkeys/burros come right up to the truck window!