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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Where the deer and antelope play.......

Hello all,
 Made the drive up from Scott's Bluff to just outside Custer Park. We pulled in to Heartland RV Park. We have a couple days to finish getting ready for our volunteer experience to begin.
 On Friday we pulled into the park. I have to say I never saw Wendy so excited to leave somewhere. We arrived about two hours before our scheduled time. Thankfully that was no problem for the park.
 We were shown to our campsite and able to begin to set up. We then trekked up to the main office for our park pass. We start our full week of training beginning Monday. Until then we have the weekend free to settle in and get a glimpse of the park.
 We were very eager to find out what we would be able to get for services. Turns out we do have cell phone coverage (Sprint) and Verizon air card seems OK. The bad is the only TV is 3 PBS channels. We have not gone to dish, only utilizing our RV antenna. Oh well, we can live without TV as long as we have Internet.
 They have a fellow temporarily as camp host until we are trained. We met him and he began to fill us in on a few main points. Well turns out he leaves at seven and guess what- we're it. He says if we need anything to radio or call the main office. Oh boy, ready or not here we go.
 Well its early in the year and cold so the camping is slow. Later were told this is the busiest campground in the park.( They have eight different campgrounds). Should be a good learning experience.
 Our campground is Game Lodge Campground. It has 55 sites and 11 cabins all sites are suppose to be reservation only.  More about the job after we get trained.
Love our site!!  Mountain Goats.
  After we get set up Wendy asked if I wanted her to drive me around the wild life loop. Wow, her asking to drive?? I get it-she is just dying to see the baby buffalo. Well ok, you can twist my arm- lets go.

  The wildlife loop is nicely located just outside our campground. It is a 18 mile loop. We saw many buffalo, pronghorn, mule deer, whitetail deer, prairie dogs, and the begging donkeys. Not bad for the first day.
 Today we got in a nice little hike. It was the Grace Coolidge Trail. It is a 3 mile trail that criss crosses Grace Coolidge Creek. We counted 16 creek crossings. It said at the beginning you will get wet. Well, if you are careful you can make it. (Wendy only got one foot wet ;). It also has six low dams creating small ponds that offer excellent trout fishing. I know where I am taking the grandsons when they visit.
One of the creek crossing


  1. I can't wait to hear about your job. Love that area!

  2. Good luck in this new position. Looks like a beautiful place to be

  3. I never saw Wendy so excited to leave somewhere. We arrived about two hours before our scheduled time. Thankfully that was no problem for the park.

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  4. Next time I get out there I'll have to check out this trail, that's quite a big creek.